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  Not all who wander are lost.
- J. R. R. Tolkien

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Educated as an artist and writer, Karen intuitively recognized the presence of greatness buried within chaos and uncertainty. She looked beyond prevailing evidence to uncover the subtle truths that shape our beliefs, behaviors, and realities.

Individuals and corporations call upon Karen's unique skills to inspire magnitudes of change and achieve transformational advances in their capabilities. As a highly valued speaker, author and consultant, Karen shares her knowledge and experience to fulfill her own goal: to awaken minds to new realities.

Karen's wisdom is drawn from persistently risking the mundane for the possibility of magnificence. Her enduring motto is drawn from Marcel Proust's words, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

"The world we each experience is a product of what we believe we see and what we believe it means. True progress comes not from battling with circumstances, but recognizing that the origin of those circumstances lies within. This is the meaning of new eyes the world we see and experience is self-made. To change the world, we must change our minds," Karen states.

Clients like the US Attorney General, the US Post Office, and the Departments of Transportation and Social and Health Services have enjoyed and found measurable value in Karen's guidance and inspiration. Whether leading strategic planning meetings, facilitating teams toward revolutionary innovation, or compelling personal transformation in conferences and workshops, Karen holds the space of possibility while clients evolve into deeper and richer realms of truth.

Karen's new book, The Sequoia Seed (2006) was released to a waiting list of hundreds of international buyers and is now in its second printing. This inspirational guide shows the reader how to recognize and overcome personal, sometimes unconscious, self-limitations and see the limitless options just beyond their restrictive beliefs. For the past eight years Karen has also authored and published Waking Up, an internationally-read online ezine focused on shifting sight and releasing potential.

Client Comments

"Ive never seen anyone better at cutting through complicated issues and getting to the core of a solution. You've saved us time and money. One of the best investments I've ever made." Bob Beardsley, Director of Organizational Development , Experian North America, Orange, CA

"Karen, your presentation "I've Got Style" was truly a pleasure and insightful. I think what generated the most excitement was the graph showing the group dynamics and its diversity. I believe this will be a powerful tool to assist in developing and maximizing our group potential." Thanks again, Robert Sarles, Manager, Express Services, USPS

"Your commit to our goals made you quickly seem like one of the team. You told the truth, even when it wasn't easy to hear, and earned our trust to move through some entrenched conflicts to find a new understanding of each other and our common goals." Keith Norris, Reg. Sales Manager TRW, Denver, CO

"Your expertise and keen insight into delighting the customer has been very much appreciated by the CVB over the past years. I have long viewed you as a wonderful asset in moving our organization forward." John Brewer, President Convention & Visitors Bureau, Spokane, WA

Reader Comments

"After reading your e-zine yesterday, it reminded me to change my perception and attitude. As a result, the day was an especially good one! I could see a change in my boss as well after he read your e-mail. Can't help but believe that your "food for thought" made part of the difference." Jackie Shockley

"It's uncanny that when I receive your Waking Up, regardless of the subject, it seems to relate to my life situation at that moment. How do you do that?" KarenBeth Glunz-Bagwell

"I do look forward to reading your 'wake up' calls. Each one is a gem, reflecting the light of truth with a slightly different angle than I've looked at it before." Robin Staib

"You inspired me to look beyond the boarders I had built for myself and see an opportunity for huge growth. Thank you Karen...Sending you the BIGGEST HUG!!!" Shari Penhall

"It amazes me that one person can be blessed with such wisdom. You always seem to grab me by the scruff of the coat and give me a little shake." Teresa Merryfield



Responsible for booking speakers for retreats, conferences, or special events? Karen will deliver a powerful message that will not only wow your folks, but make you look like a hero. Karen can connect emotionally and intellectually with a group of a thousand as easily as she does one-on-one. Strong, energetic, and insightful - Karen goes for the gut and the air sizzles with the possibility for change.
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Business Consultant
Imagine a leadership team, strong in vision and strategic collaboration. Imagine employees, motivated by personal achievement and dedicated to superb business results. Karen specializes in achieving sustainable high-performance by developing strong organizational relationships. Check out
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Workshop/Retreat Facilitator
Going through a major life change? Or wishing you were? Karen is a master at navigating change and coming out on top. Learn how to be your best when your world is in chaos. The Choice might be just the ticket.



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