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There came a time when the risk to remain tight in
the bud was more painful than the
risk it took to blossom.

-  Anais Nin


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Sprouts Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes that will touch your life and give you pause. Beautiful laminated cards with a unique quote on each card come in shimmering organza drawstring bags. Randomly pull a card when you're struggling with a decision. It's uncanny how the quote will provide new insights into the issue. Or use like a horoscope each day to give you focus. Stick one in a birthday card that seems perfect for the recipient. You'll find a million uses for these thought-provoking tidbits of wisdom. Each set of 48 cards is unique and no quote is repeated from deck to deck. Get all four!





Chakra Cards

LifeScapes Posters

LifeScapes amazing posters will remind you every day to relax and let the world's worries pass you by. Full color laminated works of art make thoughtful and lasting gifts of beauty.





Early Praise for The Sequoia Seed

"Strap yourself in for a deep, provocative, mind-altering, life-enhancing read from the mind
and heart of a woman who lives her own life in alignment with the perennial truths she writes about." 
–John Scherer, Author, Work and the Human Spirit, USA

"Your writing is like a literary river that slowly but persistently wore away my doubts, blame and anger." 
- A. Olsen, USA

"Provocative, compelling, insightful—it moves me with every reading."
- S. Lykely, Ireland

"Love your book – thanks so much. It’s such a pleasure to read – sorta like chewing on a piece of red licorice … taking my time and reflecting."
- R. Ricco, USA

"I started reading it and it 
(big surprise) is just what I need
at this point in my life."
- J. Markland South Africa 











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